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Founded: 1283 IR
Continent: Western Allyria
Realm: Matriarchate of Periaslavl
Oblast: Irtysh Oblast
Boyar: Irakliy Iraklivich



Tarnovo is a city in Irtysh Oblast, the Matriarchate of Periaslavl. Its current boyar is Irakliy Iraklivich.

It lies along the Yenesei River on the border between Periaslavl and the Kreisens. Across the river is the Kreisic city of Flusszell. A solid stone bridge joins the twin cities. Since the Antsanvia runs out of Flusszell, this is one of the most important border crossings between the two realms.

Two important roads service the city. The North Road runs north and south along the eastern edge of the city. From the east, the Dorogigora provides a shortcut to Chelyabinsk on the Irtysh River.

The Black Badger is well known inn near the bridge over the Yenesei.



Tarnovo's banner is divided into three equally-sized horizontal stripes, the top and bottom purple and the center gold.