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Founded: 563 IR
Continent: Allyria
Realm: Matriarchate of Periaslavl
Oblast: Medved Oblast
Boyar: Anushka Bogdanovna



Medvedgorod is the largest city and capital of the Matriarchate of Periaslavl. It is also the main city of Medved Oblast. It lies along the Cheremshan River where Rurik Kyrre and his people fought for control of what would become Rurik's Pyre.

Rurik's people stayed next to the Pyre, building the Firehall around it. Later, Helga Mikhailovna expanded the Firehall into the Dvorets Materi. This has always been the center of Medvedgorod.

Its current boyar is Anushka Bogdanovna.

Its primary economies are the Matriarchate government, pilgrimages to the Pyre, and the productive farmland around it.


City Gates

Anzhedonev Gate: Southeast to Anzhedonev and Markanda
Jugovorata Gate: South to Ryazan
Kolyvan Gate: East to Breskaja and Kaminovsk
Rurik's Gate: Northwest to Mstovgorod and Vostok
Severvorata Gate: West to Kuvandyk
Swordgate: Northeast to Kedrovii
Suprugvorata Gate: Southwest to Chernigov