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Continent: Allyria
Realm: Periaslavl
City: Medvedgorod

The Firehall is the building initially built around Rurik's Pyre by Volodomyr Rurikson after he and his people settled in what would become Medvedgorod, Medved Oblast, Matriarchate of Periaslavl following the Battle of the Pyre.

The initial building began in 563 IR, but it has been improved and maintained in the nearly fifteen hundred years since the battle. Where it once was an excellent example of a Northern longhouse, it is now a soaring stone structure with walls covered in panels of various stones like amethyst, malachite, lapis lazuli, and quartz which shine in the Pyre's light.

In 750 IR, Helga Mikhailovna began building the Dvorets Materi around the Firehall, and now the hall itself is part of the larger "Castle of the Mother."

In the centuries that followed, the Firehall became a pilgrimage site for all Periaslavlans, who come to feed their memories to the Pyre. The hall is generally open to all, though all understand the Great Mother has the prerogative to close the hall if she has magic to perform with the Pyre.

It is also home to a great many ceremonies, having become the heart and soul of Periaslavl in many ways.