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Founded: 1292 IR
Continent: Eastern Allyria
Realm: Matriarchate of Periaslavl
Oblast: Kolyvan Oblast
Boyar: Galya Alexandrovna



Breskaja is a fortified city along the Bashkal River in Kolyvan Oblast, Matriarchate of Periaslavl. Its current boyar is Galya Alexandrovna.

Breskaja's walls are made of regional sandstone and are high and stout. It has never been conquered. Its location allows pomestniki to defend against incursions from either Euskalerria or Amaranth.

Quite often, one of the Great Husbands reside here, as it serves as an excellent command post to defend eastern Periaslavl.

It was founded in 1292 IR as a trading post, but its obvious strategic position, especially since it was on the other side of the Kolyvan Mountains, made it an obvious place to fortify. One of Alisa Iosefnovna's primary accomplishments in her ill-fated reign was to lay the foundations of the modern fortress.


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