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Aldegund Raganhildis

Race: Human
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 138 lbs


5 Fallowtide 2086 IR


AL-de-gund RAG-an-HILD-is

Distinguishing Marks

A scar running across her face from a sword blow.

Aldegund Raganhildis is a member of Eleonore Drechsler's drucht. She was recruited, along with Ansgar Anderssen, from other druchts prior to Dietrich Berger's assault on Demmen.

After Eleonore took the title of kreisarch of Demmenkreisen, she put Aldegund in charge of working with the riverboat and deep water ship captains arriving at Demmen.

From the Books

Eleonore turned to a voluptuous woman with a scar dividing her face at an angle. "Aldegund, I want you to get the two blue-jeweled silver cups from Matthias’s chest. Take them down to the captains of those two ships in the harbor. Tell them their ships are under my protection. You won’t need to tell them to spread the word, they’ll do that anyway.”
- Brief Is My Flame