Calendar of Eard

Year and Era

Imperial Reckoning, abbreviated IR, is the reckoning of years by the Empire of Sabinia. It is accepted across Eard, though most cultures have their own reckoning as well.

The Sabinians dated it from the legendary founding of Sabine, which at this time is 2112 years ago.


Months of the Year

Each month is 30 days long. There are six days per week, five weeks per month. Week and sixday are used interchangeably.

  1. Firstmonth: Corresponds with January.
  2. Icetide: Corresponds with February.
  3. Joymoons: Corresponds with March.
  4. Stormwrath: Corresponds with April.
  5. Flowermoons: Corresponds with May.
  6. Fallowtide: Corresponds with June.
  7. Sunpeak: Corresponds with July.
  8. Harvestmonth: Corresponds with August.
  9. Steeltide: Corresponds with September.
  10. Wineflow: Corresponds with October.
  11. Bloodmoons: Corresponds with November.
  12. Yuletide: Corresponds with December.



All folk on Eard celebrate the following holidays. Also, there are many minor holidays particular to various locations, groups, and religions.

New Year's Day: First Night
Vernal Equinox: Feast of the Sun
Summer Solstice: Midsummer
Autumnal Equinox: Feast of the Moon
Winter Solstice: Darknight