Timeline of Eard

c. 5000 BIRTime when the Kolossoi may have existed
c. 4000 BIRAkkermenian Empire founded
c. 3800 BIRKveronian Empire founded
c. 3600 BIRStochalian Empire founded
c. 3400 BIRStochalian Empire collapsed
c. 3400 BIRKhaganate of Karelia sweeps across the continent that would bear their name
c. 3300 BIRAkkermenian Empire collapsed
c. 2900 BIRKveronian Empire collapsed
c. 1650 BIRBattle of Kings fought according to Amaranthine legend.
1649 BIRPasale Se, the traditional beginning of the Amaranthine calendar
prior to 1500 BIRMarkanda founded
196 BIRThe city of Sabine founded initially as only a stronghold
0 IREmpire of Sabinia founded
23 IROrdo Chronicorum Curiae founded
563 IRGrand Duchy of Periaslavl founded
563 IRFoundation of the Firehall first constructed
583 IRBasilopolis founded on ruins of Makhair by Basil II Makrembolites
631 IREmpire of Makhaira founded
665 IRDassertum Province, northernmost province of the Empire of Makhaira, founded
681 IRBrunanburh founded by the Empire of Sabinia
748 IRHelga Mikhailovna becomes first Great Mother, Periaslavl becomes a Matriarchate instead of a Grand Duchy
750 IRInitial construction of the Dvorets Materi around the Firehall by Helga Mikhailovna
808 IRKebessa, capitol city of the Kingdom of Matara, founded.
871 IRKingdom of Matara founded
c. 900 IRThe bulk of the continent of Karelia becomes called the Kreisens as a number of kreisens spring up after the retreat of the Empire of Sabinia
c. 1180 IRKatayana of Amaranth writes the Katayanicum to Prince Verethragnan of Markanda
1183 IRSeven Kingdoms founded
1259 IROrder of the Fortress of Rabah founded by Rabah Muniotz and Jaime Muniotz
1302 IRKvivik founded
1391 IRSvellheim founded
1466 IRWestern Isles founded
1524 IREuskalerria founded
1615 IRNaum Gropa begins writing The Notes of Naum in His Captivity
1942 IRRajanate of Amaranth founded
1953 IRVeikko of Haapavesa born
1975 IRFroðheim founded by Veikko of Haapavesa