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Mythology: All
Type: Mythological race

The Kolossoi are a semi-mythological race occurring in all mythologies in Eard. According to what few records remain, the Kolossoi existed before the Akkermenian Empire.

Most scholars and Chroniclers insist that Kolossoi did exist, pointing to their existence in every culture's legends and etymological evidence. (See Katayanicum I:2 for a fuller discussion of the etymological question.

Also, it is generally believed that nuraghe are remnants of the time when Kolossoi ruled Eard, although there is scant direct evidence to support this theory.

There is even less evidence for the theory that not all Kolossoi were slain and that some still live, even though it's been over three thousand years since anyone has ever seen one. Nevertheless, some moiramancers see evidence of their survival, though they cannot prove the answer either way.

However, for most, Kolossoi have passed into legend and myth. Their most common presence in modern societies is someone swearing, "By the Kolossoi," or something of that sort.