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Founded: 1391 IR
Continent: Angleland
Realm: Seven Kingdoms
Capital: Raecford
Cyning: Cynric II Alfredson

Middlemarch is a one of the kingdoms in the Seven Kingdoms. It cyning is Cynric II Alfredson.

It lies between both the Brecan Mountains and the Snowdon Mountains in the middle of Angleland. Because of this, it tends to be one of the more fierce of the Seven Kingdoms because it constantly has to deal with raiders from these places.

Generally, it is a prosperous kingdom, with a number of mines in the hills of its marches and fertile fields in the rest. It produces much wool, which is then shipped to Brunanburh and on to the rest of Eard.

In 2106 IR, Cynric's son Penwulf Cynricson sought redress for certain claims and his followers and the cyning's fought at the Battle of Raecford.