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Dassaretum Province

Dassaretum Province

Founded: 665 IR
Continent: Southwest Allyria
Realm: Empire of Makhaira
Capital: Achrida
Governor: Andreas Taronites
Legion: Legio XVIII Dassaretica



Dassaretum Province is one of the Empire of Makhaira's northern provinces. Its current governor is Andreas Taronites.

It lies on the border with the Matriarchate of Periaslavl where the North Road crosses into the Empire.

It is named after the Dassaretae, a tribe who settled in the region during the time of the Old Empire.

Two major fortresses lie within the province, Samiel's Castle in Achrida and Markovi Kuli on the border with Periaslavl.

Because of its location upon both the North Road and the western terminus of the lake shipping routes, it is a fairly wealthy, populous province.