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Bedarth Liffrea

Bedarth Liffrea

Race: Human
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 ft 4 in
Weight: 187 lbs


11 Fallowtide 2028 IR


12 Harvestmoon 2109 IR


be-DARTH li-FREY-ah

Appears In

"What's in a Name," first published in ''When Valor Must Hold"

Bedarth Liffrea was a lifelord, in Sevenish Language called a liffrea, in the court of Cynric II Alfredson of Middlemarch in the Seven Kingdoms.

He corresponded with many other sages, wizards, and scholars throughout the world, especially Veikko of Haapavesa and the various precepts of the Chroniclers during his life.


Spoilers from "What's in a Name," first published in ''When Valor Must Hold"