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Aurelius Ianuarius Sergius

Race: Human
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 183 lbs


20 Firstmonth 136 IR


4 Ironmoon 184 IR


26 Fallowtide 189 IR


aw-REE-lee-us yan-YOU-air-ee-us SURGE-ee-us

Distinguishing Marks

Scar on left cheek

Aurelius Ianuarius Sergius was a general and eventual emperor of the Empire of Sabinia. In 174 IR, he was named commander of the Ingvaeonic Cohort.

In late 183 IR, he was adopted by Flavius Decimus Laurentina to become the Imperial heir and part of the Laurentian Dynasty.

The reign of Aurelius was not easy, in part because the families who had hoped to place one of their own on the Imperial throne saw him as an interloper. By the end of his reign, the Ingvaeonic Cohort had been driven back north of the Middle Sea. Aurelius died with few allies around him.