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Samiel's Castle

Samiel's Castle

Founded: 452 IR
Continent: Allyria
Realm: Empire of Makhaira
Province: Dassaretum Province
Taxiarch: Teodosija Vlahovic



Samiel's Castle is a fortress in Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira. Its current taxiarch is Teodosija Vlahovic.

It is ideally located in the hills around Achrida, perched on a single hill with deep drops to the rear and three wells that have not failed.

The site where the castle is located has been fortified at least as early as the 5th century IR, though there are some who think it was a fortress for rebels fighting the Akkermenian Empire.

It is also located over a series of salt caves which now serve as the Archives of Achrida.