Petraliphas Dynasty

Petraliphas Dynasty

Continents: Southwestern Allyria, northern Matarica, western Stochalia
Realm: Empire of Makhaira


7 Feast of the Sun 2013 IR



Petraliphas is the current imperial dynasty of the Empire of Makhaira. It was founded by Nikolas I Petraliphas, a successful general who made a name for himself in years of battle in the Transstochalian Mountains, in 2013 IR.

Its emperors have generally been active and intelligent, but there's a streak of paranoia that seems to run though it, making the empire especially challenging for the century or so they have ruled.


Members of the Dynasty

Nikolas I Petraliphas (2013 - 2041 IR)
Nikephoros I Petraliphas (2041 - 2057 IR)
Demetrios III Murtzophlos (2057 - 2071 IR)
Nikolas II Petraliphas (2071 - 2088 IR)
Nikolas III Petraliphas (2088 - 2092 IR)
Nikephoros II Petraliphas (2092 IR - Present)