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Founded: 1681 IR
Realm: Empire of Makhaira
Base: Achrida
Legion: Legio XVIII Dassaretica
Chiliarch: Milanko Tomcic
Hecatontarch: Piriska Mrnjavcevic
Complement: 120 medium infantry

The Pathfinders is a cohort in the Legio XVIII Dassaretica. It is normally based in Achrida, Dassaretum Province in the Empire of Makhaira. Its current chiliarch is Milanko Tomcic, however Hecatontarch Piriska Mrnjavcevic serves as their day-to-day commander.

They are heavy infantry generally armed with swords, spears, and shields. They generally wear mail in battle. While they are trained with Old Imperial techniques, such as fighting in tight formation each armed with a large shield (known as a scutum) and a short sword, they generally fight in looser formations that allow them more flexibility.

Most of its members are from the Dassaretae tribe.

Like all of the cohorts in Achrida, which is known for its political infighting, they are capable with non-lethal weapons. In particular, though, the Pathfinders train with certain wrestling techniques.



A gold mountain on a blue field.


Members of the Pathfinders

Arkady Zivkovic
Desimir Lukic
Dmitri Corovic
Milanko Tomcic
Piriska Mrnjavcevic
Tanja Dodik