Order of the Fortress of Rabah

Order of the Fortress of Rabah

Founded: 1259 IR
Continent: Euskalerria
Chapterhouse: Peruliere
Head of Order: Arantxa Arriola

The Order of the Fortress of Rabah is an order of chivalry in the Euskalerria. The current precept of the order is Arantxa Arriola and its chapterhouse is in Peruliere, where its founders, Rabah and Jaime Muniotz were raised.

Unlike most of the Euskalerrian orders of chivalry, it pays little attention to the politics and government of the country. Instead, it is focused on serving the goals of Rabah and Jaime. They had attempted to withdraw from constant battle by joining the Chroniclers. However, they could not remain true to the Chroniclers' oath, which required them to stand by when raiders attacked people they once knew.

The order they created is one of pilgrims traveling about the world in the pursuit of knowledge according to the traditions of the Chroniclers while also serving as defenders of the innocent in accordance with their founders.



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