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Nevenka Hasanovic

Nevenka Hasanovic

Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 151 lbs


25 Fallowtide 2078 IR


neh-VEN-kah ha-SAN-oh-vitch

Appears In

A Lake Most Deep
"Magnum Opus," first published in Songs of Valor

Nevenka Hasanovic is a prostitute and member of the kral run by Katarina Kopanja in Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

She is currently the greeter at Tresinova's Treasures.

She is also a favorite of Andreas Taronites, governor of Dassaretum Province.


From the Books

A stunning, dark-haired woman greeted us. Lush where needed and slim everywhere else. A perfectly fitting silk dress, saffron-dyed and adorned with small blue crystals, accentuated her body. Her face was perfectly made up to emphasize skin as soft as a mother’s love, but her eyes shined as hard as midwinter ice. She frightened even the part of my mind that normally would have hungered for her.
- A Lake Most Deep