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Founded: 1481 IR
Realm: Empire of Makhaira
Base: Achrida
Legion: Legio XVIII Dassaretica
Nauarch: Tihomir Jankovic
Protokarabos : Svetislav Kralj
Complement: 180 sailors, 120 marines

The Lakewardens are a cohort in the Legio XVIII Dassaretica. It is normally based in Achrida, Dassaretum Province in the Empire of Makhaira. Its current nauarch is Tihomir Jankovic.

They are responsible for policing trade on Lake Achrida, helping sailors in distress, and eliminating piracy on both Lake Achrida and Lake Valdai to the east.

Their arms and armor reflect their nautical focus, and lean toward personal preference. However, long spears, bows, and boarding axes are common. They tend to wear light leather armor.


A dromon proper on a blue and gold wavy field.


Members of the Lakewardens

Amalija Loncar
Darijo Martinovic
Svetislav Kralj
Tihomir Jankovic

From the Books

The pathway led to a gateway built of stone arching out from the hill. Beyond it a dozen ships and boats were tied up to a number of piers. The largest, an ancient dromon, looked as if its last refit had occurred when my damsire was young. All the other craft showed signs of regular maintenance, their hulls scrubbed clean, fresh red paint on the gunwales, and sturdy oars stowed. Another boat was flipped upside down on the shore and two people in red tabards cleaned the hull.
- A Lake Most Deep