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Founded: 808 IR
Continent: Matarica
Realm: Matara
Govano: Udo Afolabi



Kebessa is the capital city of the Kingdom of Matara. Its current govano is Udo Afolabi.

It was founded as a trading emporium in 808 IR by the negusa of the four founding umunna, the Asmae Umunna, Gurtom Umunna, Serenser Umunna, and Shelele Umunna. They wanted to take advantage of the excellent natural harbor and none of the four could maneuver to be sole owner.

In the late 900s, the local umunna, led by the fabulously successful Adisa Arendse, forced the four founding umunna to recognize the Arendse family as the royal family and Kebessa became the capital of Matara.

While each of the major umunna have their own holdings, there is no doubting the importance of Kebessa. Hence they have all build large towers in the city, and their negusa tend to spend the bulk of their time here.