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Jaime Muniotz

Jaime Muniotz

Race: Human
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 212 lbs
Sibling: Rabah Muniotz


21 Stormwrath 1217 IR


24 Fallowtide 1308 IR


HYE-me moo-NYOTZ

Appears In

"An Oath's Other Edge," first published in Dragons and Dribbles
"Shield of the Innocent," first published in Talons & Talismans II

Jaime Muniotz was a zaldun of the Order of the Bear's Tooth. He was the brother of Rabah Muniotz.

He and his brother grew up in Peruliere and were known both for their skill at arms and their fearsome temper. This earned them the nickname, "Sons of Thunder."

His order fought almost without respite against Amaranthine raiders. By 1242 IR, he and his brother had had enough and they put down their arms to join the Ordo Chronicorum Curiae.

However, in 1257 IR, Amaranthine bandits attacked the village where the brothers served. In the battle, they saw Bakerne Etxiaberra and Goizane Alazne, two zalduns they’d trained with, slaughtered. The brothers then broke the Chronicler’s Oath and entered the fray, saving many but forcing the precept of the Chroniclers, Bidelia Aisling, to judge them.

Bidelia instructed the brothers to find a new oath that would serve Wyrd in a new way. An oath where they could live up to the Chronicler's Oath while at the same time defending the innocent. Their efforts resulted in the brothers creating the Order of the Fortress of Rabah.