Inland Seas

Inland Sea

Continent:Between Allyria and Stochalia.

The Inland Seas are a series of large lakes lying between the regions of Allyria and Stochalia.

Originally, there was no way to effectively sail from one end to the other, but thanks to a series of canals and the dredging of rivers between the lakes, boats with fairly deep drafts can sail from Anzhedonev to Achrida and points in between.


Lakes (West to East)


Lake Achrida

Lake Achrida is immediately to the east of the city of Achrida. It is noted for its great depth and exceptionally clear and cool water.


Lake Valdai

Lake Valdai is notable for a series of islands that run along its northern portion. Their isolation has enticed various religions to found monasteries on these islands.


Lake Svetloyar

Lake Svetloyar is surrounded, more often than not, with fens and swamps. This has made it tend to be cloudier than the other inland seas. This helps keep the tradition that the ancient city of Kitezh sank under its waves and exists there to this day.


Lake Ubinskoye

While all the Inland Seas teem with fish, Lake Ubinskoye is recognized as providing the best catch, both in terms of taste and quantity.


Lake Kopayev

Lake Kopayev is the busiest lake, and the includes a variety of ports and harbors on its western edge. As the central hub for a series of trade routes, it is constantly filled with ships.