Bidelia Aisling

Bidelia Aisling

Race: Human
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 153 lbs


15 Wineflow 1207 IR

Precept of the Chroniclers

Darknight 1252 IR


25 Yuletide 1283 IR


bih-DELL-ya AE-sling

Appears In

"An Oath's Other Edge," first published in Dragons and Dribbles
"Shield of the Innocent," first published in Talons & Talismans II

Bidelia Aisling was a loremaster and a member of the Chroniclers, eventually becoming their precept in 1252 IR. She is originally from Caer Uffren, Western Isles.

In 1257 IR, she was with Rabah and Jaime Muniotz when they chose to break their oath to the Chroniclers, leading to the eventual creation of the Order of the Fortress of Rabah in 1259 IR.

She died of old age in Markanda, Rajanate of Amaranth in 1283.