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Type: Nuraghe
Continent: Southwest Allyria
Realm: Empire of Makhaira
Province: Lezh Province



The Bardheküülle is a nuraghe on the Bujerruge, an alternate route between Lezh and Achrida. The word "bardheküülle" means "white tower" in Old Lezhan.

Latent magic has made the Bardheküülle a fearsome place all avoid. The terror it inspired prompted travelers to create a new, longer, less convenient route between Achrida and Lezh to replace the Bujerruge.

From the Books

Since we could not sleep, we packed up extremely early and were miles from camp by the time the sun had risen past the hills. Soon we spied the shining limestone of the tower, a beacon beckoning our hate.

Around it were landscaped lawns enclosed by a short limestone wall. The lawns called to us, subtly hinting that the anger could be escaped if one found just the right spot in the grass. The road went along the wall, leading directly to the front door of the castle.
- A Lake Most Deep