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Aelfwynn Caedmondohtor

Aelfwynn Caedmondohtor

Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 115 lbs
Spouse: Aethelred Aethelwulfson
Children: Edward Aethelredson, Aethelflaed Aethelreddohtor


22 Fallowtide 2064 IR


elf-WIN CAD-mon-DAW-tor

Aelfwynn Caedmondohtor is the wife of Aethelred Aethelwulfson and the mother of Edward Aethelredson and Aethelflaed Aethelreddohtor.

She served as the de facto ruler of Stanlaw since Aethelred spent most of his time in service to with Cyning Cynric II Alfredson. After Edward slew Aethelred at the Battle of Raecford, the official responsibility passed to Aethelflaed.

Since then, Aelfwynn has stepped back from politics to focus on weaving, though she is still widely respected and sought for counsel.

Few can match her weaving skills. They are so great that rumors abound she is a runelord and weaves her magic into her creations, but that has never been proven either way.